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Pacifica offers daily mood tracking & journaling alongside health tracking. Keep tabs on your emotional health while learning your mood patterns.

Daily Mood and Health Tracking Mobile App


Rate Your Mood

Rate your mood as it changes throughout the day including any feelings.

Mood Journaling

Take time to add details, physical feelings, or context to your mood entries.

Daily Reminders

Set daily reminders to check-in with a mood rating. These can be random or specific.

Mood and Health Tracking Mobile App

Track Your Health

Track daily health habits like exercise, sleep, caffeine, and many more.

Health Goals

Set specific health goals based on your own needs and lifestyle.

See Your Progress

Discover trends in your mood chart and see which health habits improve your mood.

Emotional Health

An emotion (also sometimes called “mood” or “feeling”) is a complex, but natural psychological state involving one’s own subjective experience and a behavioral response. Over the course of time, emotions have served the purpose of pushing us to either take action or to avoid it. For example when our prehistoric ancestors crossed paths with dinosaurs, they would feel an emotion (such as nervousness), which would then propel them to take some sort of action (i.e. attempt to fight or possibly run away). So emotions, while at times unsettling, serve a wonderful function!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you might want to begin tracking your mood:

Identify Patterns

By consistently documenting our mood, we can start to identify both positive and negative life influences on our emotions.

Helps With Goal Setting

By identifying your mood, you will be able to establish goals for emotional change and choose specific goals tailored to alleviating a specific mood.

Regaining Control

Research has shown that the process of simply checking in with current mood states can helps us feel better about our lives.

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We know first-hand how challenging life can be.
Pacifica is a free mood tracking app for anxiety that can help.

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