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The Pacifica app offers quick daily activities based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. From thought journaling to behavioral experiments, Pacifica can help.

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Mobile App

CBT Tools for Anxiety

Your Thoughts

Take time to record your thoughts whenever you’re feeling a strong emotion.

Find Cognitive Distortions

Learn to identify and correct distorted thinking patterns amid fearful thoughts.

Thought Diary

Discover patterns within your cognitive diary of daily thoughts.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Mobile App

Your Goal

Choose a long-term goal ranging from less anxiety to better health to improved mood.

Daily Experiments

Tackle small goals each day and work toward your long-term goal at your own pace.

Experiment Library

Choose from hundreds of behavioral experiments or create your own.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our reality is created through an ongoing cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. With anxiety for example, fearful thoughts cause physical feelings which cause actions. Your heart starts racing, so you think you’re in danger, so you want to escape. Pacifica attempts to break this cycle using tools that target each of its components. Day-by-day, you’ll learn to manage your feelings at your own pace. We’re not about quick-fixes or false promises. We are about real progress, a day at a time.


“A well-established, highly effective, and lasting treatment is called cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT. It focuses on identifying, understanding, and changing thinking and behavior patterns…In this type of therapy the patient is actively involved in his or her own recovery, has a sense of control, and learns skills that are useful throughout life.”
Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)

The New York Times


We know first-hand how challenging life can be.
Pacifica is a free mood CBT app for anxiety that can help.

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