Pacifica 7.0 Update

Pacifica 7.0 Update

A redesigned, simplified Pacifica experience

While we have long believed that Pacifica is a great tool for individuals to manage their depression, anxiety, and stress, we’re always working to better understand our users’ needs, listen to their feedback, and improve the app. Today we’re excited to introduce a new version of the app that we believe will help more people find more benefit from Pacifica.

Simplification, Direction, and Clarity

We heard your feedback that sometimes you weren’t clear about what to do first. The mood rating tool is now front and central, reflecting the importance of your current mood on how you’ll use the app. Your mood rating forms the basis for the suggested activities–the small daily steps you can take to maintain a healthy mind–you will receive. To acknowledge the value of simply checking in with yourself, you’ll notice that doing a mood rating, even if you don’t also complete an activity, will give you credit towards your streak.

Each of your suggested activities will now provide some additional context for why you might want to take that step. If you like a suggestion but the timing isn’t right, you can now easily set a reminder from the home screen to help you remember to come back later. We’ve also added in some motivational messages to help keep you going when the going gets tough.

We heard from some of our users that they don’t use all of the tools, so you can now customize which tools are shown on your home screen, and you’ll only receive recommendations for the tools listed there. If you explore other parts of the app and use tools, they’ll be added to your home screen. You can always hide them later without losing your data if you want. You can also add them back at any time by tapping the “+” on the home screen.

The discover feed has moved off the home screen to a tab on the bottom. The featured content will still update, so check back each day for new featured community posts and free premium meditations.

We deeply value our users and our community and are always open to hearing your feedback. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can improve. You can email us at info AT