Pacifica 5.0 Update: Paths, Hope Board, Clinician Dashboard

Pacifica 5.0 Update: Paths, Hope Board, Clinician Dashboard

New Features in Pacifica 5.0!

We are delighted to announce the newest release of the Pacifica mental health app for iOS, Android and web. This release includes a number of new features that we want to talk about here.

Guided Paths

Pacifica 5.0 Update: Paths, Hope Board, Clinician Dashboard

This version of the app includes the debut of “Paths” which are psychologist-designed self-help programs comprised of audio lessons and accompanying activities. Guided Paths have been requested by our users and we are very excited to have them ready. These first four Paths include “The First Week”, an introductory Path, “A New Approach” and “Digging Deeper”, two Paths which focus on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and “Mindfulness”, which teaches a variety of mindfulness practices and meditations.

The two Paths on cognitive-behavioral therapy, “A New Approach” and “Digging Deeper”, include in-depth psychoeducation to explain how CBT works and how to use the different tools within Pacifica. The activities in these Paths include a number of tools, many of which are new, like thought records or behavioral challenges. The activities build on each other and teach users how to look closely at their thoughts and behaviors to start seeing things in a new, more adaptive way. Changing one’s perspective on their thoughts can help them to feel differently and reduce anxiety and depression. Users might realize that their interpretations contribute to how they feel, and that changing how they think about things can make them feel better. Building a list of small challenges to conquer every day can help people break out of their negative patterns of avoidance and feel more accomplished and capable.

The “Mindfulness” Path activities include three new meditations to help users be more mindfully aware of their thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective for a variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, and depression.

In the future we will continue to build our paths library with more specialized tools including insomnia, interpersonal skills, and tools to pursue one’s goals and values.

Hope Board

The Hope Board is a place for users to put inspirational and uplifting content to help celebrate wins and work through challenging moments. In addition to photos and quotes, users can also add links to completed Pacifica activities to remind themselves of what they’ve done well. Additionally, users can save inspiring content found in Pacifica’s peer-support community.


Link to In-Person Clinicians

In addition to the biggest update to the app in Pacifica’s history, we are also announcing the release of Pacifica for Clinicians. Pacifica for Clinicians is a dashboard tool designed to bring measurement based care techniques to any clinician’s practice. The dashboard provides a HIPAA-compliant platform for in-person providers to view their patients’ activities in Pacifica, assign assessments (e.g. PHQ-9, GAD-7), and monitor progress. This connection can help make therapy more efficient and effective and increase engagement and between-session carryover.

“As Pacifica continues to resonate with consumers, the missing piece has been the ability for clinicians to leverage data to provide better informed treatment,” said Dale Beermann, CEO and co-founder of Pacifica Labs. “These releases advance the state of measurement-based care in the industry, while continuing to innovate on self-care with our biggest app update yet.”

Future releases will include teletherapy and electronic medical record integration. Are you a mental health care provider and want to learn more about Pacifica for Clinicians? You can read more here, or request a demonstration here.