Announcing Pacifica’s New Therapist Directory

Announcing Pacifica’s New Therapist Directory

We are very excited to announce the release of Pacifica’s new Therapist Directory. Our mission at Pacifica has always been to empower individuals to improve their mental health. Our first step on this path was building an app which puts evidence-based tools in the hands of individuals everywhere. Our app is now used by over 1.7 million people worldwide to manage their stress, anxiety, and depression. Next, we released Pacifica for Clinicians, a web-based dashboard tool, which allows therapists to improve the care they provide by administering paperless assessments, tracking clients’ progress in the Pacifica app, and practicing teletherapy, to remove geographic or logistical barriers to access. Our newest release, the Therapist Directory, empowers individuals to find the right mental health care provider for them.

While other directories for therapists exist, what makes Pacifica’s Therapist Directory so unique is the ability to schedule live video consultations directly. Often, prospective clients will contact a few therapists to have brief consultations with before deciding on which provider is the best fit for them. Pacifica’s built-in consultation slots allow users to schedule these appointments without playing phone tag with providers. Clinicians can create profiles to provide information about their therapeutic approach and specialities, as well as important details like payments and whether they practice teletherapy.

When searching the directory, individuals can also find therapists using Pacifica for Clinicians to work with their clients. For many Pacifica users, it can be beneficial to have a therapist taking advantage of technology and using familiar tools and methods in their therapy approach. Clients whose providers use Pacifica may find that they have better between-session carryover. This can include being more likely to complete homework assignments, remembering concepts discussed with their provider, or even simply being more cognizant of how they’re feeling and making mental health a priority. Clinicians are able to better track how their clients are doing on a regular basis, and make adjustments to their therapeutic strategy if needed.

In the future, Pacifica’s directory and consultation scheduling will also incorporate insurance eligibility checks, so that potential clients know ahead of time what their co-pay will be. This will be a major innovation since clients often are unaware of their mental health benefits and the stress of unexpected bills can be significant.

Pacifica is the only company to offer both self-help and clinical tools while connecting individuals with therapists. With this release, Pacifica expands its reach to better support people along their mental health journey.

The Pacifica Therapist Directory can be found here:

More information for clinicians can be found here: