Clinician Dashboard


What is the Clinician Dashboard?

The Clinician Dashboard is a web platform that interfaces with Pacifica’s mental health mobile and web applications. By connecting directly to our popular app, the Clinician Dashboard allows clinicians to receive client data on mood and health tracking, thought records, behavioral goals, and clinical assessment results. As a result, clinicians get a dynamic understanding of their clients’ well-being between sessions, allowing for targeted treatments based on actionable data.

What is included in a Clinician Dashboard subscription?

All of your clients will receive full access to the Clinician Dashboard and the Premium version of the Pacifica mobile application at no extra cost (a $5.99 per month value for each client). With the Clinician Dashboard, you will have the ability to:

  • Assign recurring assessments (GAD-7, PHQ-9, etc.) to your clients and review or export response data from the Clinician Dashboard.
  • Review all of your clients’ mental health data from the app, including mood and health history, thought records, behavioral goals, and relaxation activities. You will not be able to review their activities in the social portions of the app (groups, communities, and the Hope Board).
  • Features Coming Soon:
    Teletherapy: Practice virtual video sessions with your clients. Coming April 2017!
  • Assignments: Assign your clients homework such as thought records or meditation exercises.
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration: Seamlessly integrate data from the Pacifica App into your EHR.

Who should use the Clinician Dashboard?

The Clinician Dashboard is meant for all mental health professionals looking to implement measurement-based care in their practice. Currently we have a variety of clinicians enrolled in our service, including private practitioners and guidance counselors.

Why should I use the Clinician Dashboard?

Today, technology is becoming an increasingly critical component of your client’s treatment plan. In a recent study, 64% of patients say that they use a digital device (including mobile apps) to manage their health and 71% believe it would be helpful for their doctor to have access to this information as part of their medical history. By implementing measurement-based care, clinicians can adjust their treatment plans when their clients are not improving, and clients are more likely to become more educated about their symptoms and recognize patterns and signs of recurrence. Ultimately, the Clinician Dashboard delivers measurable results, promotes a collaborative approach to mental healthcare, and allows clinicians to provide better and more responsive treatments to their clients.

Is the Clinician Dashboard available outside of the United States?

No, unfortunately Pacifica’s Clinician Dashboard is currently only available in the United States due to regulatory compliance restrictions.

How do I setup a 1:1 demo to go over the features and functionality of the Clinician Dashboard?

Please email to set up an appointment or visit


How does the 30-day trial work?

Our free trial is a great way to try out Pacifica’s Clinician Dashboard before subscribing. In order to sign up for our risk-free 30-Day Trial, we ask that you enter your credit card information, but you will not be charged at this time. After you have created your free trial account, you and your clients will have full use of our software for 30 days. You may cancel at anytime during this period.

Why do you need my credit card information?

We ask for your payment information so you don’t experience any interruption in your service if you decide to continue your subscription with us after your free trial is over. We will send you a reminder email before your trial expires so you can make a decision about whether or not Pacifica for Clinicians is right for you.


Where can my client download the app?

Your client can download the app for iOS in the Apple App Store and the Android App in the Google Play Store.

How does my client upgrade from the Basic version of Pacifica to the Premium version?

If your client already has the app on their phone, the Basic version will automatically upgrade to the Premium version of the app once they have entered the invitation code you give them associated with their name. If your client already has the Premium version, they can cancel their subscription directly with Google Play or Apple App Store since they will be covered under your plan. Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for any subscription overlap your client experiences.

What happens to my client’s Pacifica Premium account associated with my Clinician Dashboard Account if I cancel?

Once you cancel your subscription to Pacifica’s Clinician Dashboard, your client’s account will automatically downgrade to our Basic version. They can purchase a Premium account within the app if they wish to retain full access.


Where do I buy the Clinician Dashboard?

Once you sign into your registered account, you can purchase the Clinician Dashboard here:

How much does the Clinician Dashboard cost?

The Clinician Dashboard is $99 per month for a monthly subscription, and $999 per year for an annual subscription. Discounted subscriptions are available during our limited time special introductory offer.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

Limited Time Special Introductory Offer

For a limited time, Pacifica is offering our monthly subscription for 50% off the monthly list price for the first 6 months, and 25% off the list price of our annual subscription for the first year.


What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects medical information through data privacy and security provisions and establishes national standards for processing electronic healthcare transactions. Any company that deals with Protected Health Information (PHI) must ensure that physical, technical, and administrative safeguards are in place.

What is PHI and ePHI?

PHI, or Protected Health Information, is any information that can be used to identify an individual, that was used or disclosed in the course of providing a healthcare service, such as diagnosis or treatment. Common identifiers include names, birthdates, phone numbers, etc.

ePHI, or Electronic Protected Health Information, is any Protected Health Information which is stored, accessed, transmitted or received electronically. The data created by a client using the various features of Pacifica’s consumer app (e.g. Mood and Health ratings, Thoughts and Goals entries) are all considered ePHI.

Who needs to comply?

Any organization that handles PHI must be HIPAA compliant. This includes:

Covered Entities: Any individual or organization that provides treatment, operations, and payment services in healthcare. Examples of covered entities include hospitals, practitioners, insurers, and health plans like Medicaid. As a clinician, you are a Covered Entity.

Business Associates: Any individual or organization that creates, receives, transmits, or maintains protected health information (PHI) on behalf of a covered entity or another business associate. These include vendors such as electronic medical records software companies, lawyers, and accountants. Pacifica Labs is a Business Associate.

Why do I need to validate my email?

At Pacifica Labs we take your security seriously and want you to verify your email address as the final step of the account creation process. It helps us know that someone else isn’t trying to register using your email address. Simply click the “Validate Email” button in the welcome email sent automatically at the time of your sign up.

Why do I need to review a Medical Professionals Agreement?

The Medical Professionals Agreement is an addendum to our existing terms of service. It says that Pacifica Labs itself is not a provider of medical services, that the clinician using the dashboard is a medical professional, and that the clinician operates within the United States and adheres to all the regulations per HIPAA.

What are you going to do with my clients’ data, and where is it stored?

Pacifica collects data for the purpose of services rendered by our organization. We do not access or sell any data collected by our software. The data is stored on highly-secure servers hosted by Amazon Web Services. For more information about this, please refer to the “Technical Safeguards” section.

How is Pacifica HIPAA Compliant?

In accordance with HIPAA laws, we have established the appropriate safeguards to ensure that data stored and transmitted through the Pacifica Clinician Dashboard and mobile app is kept completely secure to protect user privacy.

Physical Safeguards
Our servers are hosted in a secure data center at Amazon Web Services, with whom we have a business associate agreement (BAA) on file. AWS’s services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to help ensure the integrity and safety of customer data. Dedicated Instances physically isolate data, layered Security Groups and private subnets prevent undesirable data transmission, and Virtual Private Clouds allow for access and security restrictions. Lastly, all Pacifica employees’ devices are centrally managed, adhere to defined security policies, and can be remotely wiped.

Technical Safeguards
We work closely with Amazon Solutions Architects to securely process, maintain and store Protected Health Information (PHI). Your data is encrypted everywhere, whether on our servers or on a mobile device. Pacifica ensures that all devices used to connect to the clinician dashboard adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule, enforcing both in-transit and at-rest encryption, as well as requiring device-specific passcodes. In addition, unsafe ciphers, including early versions of TLS (and thus, older Android devices), are prevented from connecting to the Clinician Dashboard due to security vulnerabilities.

Administrative Safeguards
We have comprehensive policies in place to ensure that electronic protected health information (ePHI) is handled with industry-standard security best practices. Every staff member is HIPAA trained and certified. To ensure that your data remains safe and secure, we have BAAs with all third party providers, subcontractors, and agents.

What is a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and why do I need to sign one?

In order to comply with HIPAA, every covered entity must have a written agreement with each of its business associates.

In this case, the BAA is an assurance from Pacifica Labs that we will safeguard your data in the same ways you as a covered entity are required to. It also clarifies and limits how we use and disclose PHI. Finally, it highlights the appropriate safeguards necessary to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI. If a company will not sign a BAA with your organization or practice, then you should not trust them with your clients’ PHI. Pacifica Labs is proud to have vetted its BAA against HIPAA regulations. We maintain a comprehensive agreement that ensures full compliance between the covered entity (the clinician) and the business associate (Pacifica).